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Is your church in a season of transition or crisis? Are you a part of a denomination needing an assessment of member churches or training for your interim pastors? VitalChurch would love to talk with you about how we can help. Contact us for an initial consultation.

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New Service from VitalChurch Ministry: Pastoral Search Assistance

As we’ve served around the country and around the world as interim pastors, one of the things we often do during our tenure in a church is assist them in the search for their next interim pastor. We’ve spoken a little bit about this before in this blog post. We talked about how churches can find the most success in their pastoral search and how we can come alongside . . .


"The ministry that [VitalChurch] provides is invaluable. A church that has even a hint of feeling the need for this ministry would do well to grab at the opportunity. The value is seen initially to some degree, but is not seen in its entirety until some time has passed and the effects are permeating the church body. And these effects are from the Lord, not some methodology, [VitalChurch] is a ministry God uses to bring light and healing."   Read More Testimonials »