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VitalChurch Interim Pastor Finishes Up Successful Intentional Interim Period in Massachusetts Church

Another intentional interim period just came to an end for one of our VitalChurch interim pastors. Gregg Caruso, VitalChurch Managing Partner, spent 20 months at Christ Community Church (CCC) in East Taunton, Massachusetts. CCC was experiencing a time of transition following the departure of the Lead Pastor. CCC had also experienced significant staff turnover and there was mounting conflict within . . .


"I was the last holdout on the Elder board as I felt this was admitting we could not do our jobs as Elders and it was expensive. Was I ever wrong! Only by observing the skillful, experienced way [VitalChurch Ministry] handled the situation was I able to see how far off we were from having the skill set to deal with things. It took many months of prayerful, unbelievably difficult, diligent work, but today the church is revitalized, there are young people in leadership positions, the church is growing spiritually and numerically, and God is being honored."   Read More Testimonials »