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Is your church in a season of transition or crisis? Are you a part of a denomination needing an assessment of member churches or training for your interim pastors? VitalChurch would love to talk with you about how we can help. Contact us for an initial consultation.

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VitalChurch’s Church Health Assessments Reveal Most Common Areas of Struggle for Churches

We talk a lot on our website about our biblically based, three-phase process of church revitalization. It’s really what sets VitalChurch Ministry apart from other organizations and individuals providing interim pastor services to churches, and it has served churches well for many years. The process always begins with a church health assessment, which we call a “diagnostic analysis” or “diagnostic . . .


"I believe [VitalChurch Ministry]’s diagnostic piece was dead on and captured the weaknesses of this church. They did an excellent job in their interviewing process and their report was very comprehensive. [The interim pastor’s] ministry here was effective in getting Calvary Church through a tough time of transition."   Read More Testimonials »